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Clinical Research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute

In this class we will discuss policies and procedures for conducting clinical research at Huntsman Cancer Institute. We will explain key concepts and practices which will promote research compliance and improve monitoring and auditing outcomes. We will also clarify common misconceptions regarding clinical research. There will be many resources presented throughout the class, so please use this class as an ongoing resource as you conduct research.

At the conclusion of this class, you should be able to:

  • List and define key roles and responsibilities in clinical research including Principal Investigator, Clinical Research Coordinator, and others
  • Summarize the processes for conducting clinical trials at HCI, including project review, CDA processing, project prioritization, budget development, obtaining patient consent, confirming patient screening eligibility, adverse event review, protocol compliance, drug dose modification, data management, and study close-out
  • Describe how research compliance benefits the institution, its members, and the community
  • Identify common misconceptions regarding clinical research and explain why they are wrong
  • Identify strategies for improving clinical research compliance and for improving monitoring and auditing outcomes

This class is only offered online:



Jennifer Katz, B.S. CCRP
Clinical Research Administration Director
Electrical and Computer
Huntsman Cancer Institute
Last Updated: 5/10/21