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The mission of the Office of Research Education(REd) is to provide “comprehensive training and learning opportunities and resources for faculty, students and staff engaged in responsible conduct of research at the University of Utah.” Ensuring that students have the required information about the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) is a critical component of research training at the University of Utah. RCR training of Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Research Associates is a mandatory requirement for many federal research grants. Many departments and colleges across campus already have well developed, mandatory RCR training for graduate students and postdocs appointed in their unit. For academic units that do not have an existing program, the Graduate School and the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance have teamed up to develop an RCR training program that may be completed by Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers at no cost for University of Utah affiliates.

The RCR pathway allows students to access the REd’sin-person and/or online classes so that students can customize their RCR certificate to fit their needs. REd’s RCR Certificate has designed its classes so that students can meet the educational requirements for National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant proposal submissions and federally funded projects. Eight (8) contact hours are required for these funding mechanisms, with the majority of classes needing to be completed in-person.

This certificate is designed for students in all research settings. Participants will become familiar with best practices and proper procedures for conducting RCR, whether they are in health sciences, social and behavioral sciences, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Participants will be able to articulate how federal and state regulations, professional standards and University policies underscore the need for RCR in the research enterprise.

Responsible Conduct of Research Certificate - Student

The REd“Responsible Conduct of Research Certificate Student” requires five(5) REd RCR training class completions that add up to a total of ten(10) contact hours.
All students MUST complete the four(4) required classes and one (1)additional class from either the offerings for “bioscience students”or “non-biosciences students.”
Please note that each class credit is valid for eighteen (18) months and the entire RCR Certificate is valid for three (3) years upon completion. As a result, it is advised that you renew your RCR Certificate every three(3) years.
Last Updated: 8/24/21