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RED 354 | Effective Negotiation in Research: The Art of Advocacy and Agreement

An overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of the negotiation process will be presented. Participants will better understand and be able to apply basic negotiation skills and techniques, to identify different communication and negotiation styles, and to more effectively negotiate terms and budgets for their research-related activities. The social and behavioral science which underlies modern negotiation theory will be described. Topics will include essential dispute resolution skills such as listening, reframing, summarizing, problem solving, and creating cooperative negotiating environments. Group and individual activities will be conducted to assist participants in gaining a functional knowledge of the power and practice of negotiation.

This class is offered both live and online:

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Casi Morales
Contract Manager
Prediatric Administration


Tara Merrill
Contract Officer
Office of Sponsored Projects
Last Updated: 8/5/22