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RED 750, RED 751

Financial Management in Clinical Research

Scheduled Sessions


Blaire Davis
CRSO Finance Team
Participant Payments SME

Zach Bartholomew
CRSO Training Team
eReg SME

Mariessa Turner
CRSO Training Team
OnCore SME


Synchronous, Asynchronous







Individuals involved in clinical research budgeting and billing such as principal investigators, clinical research coordinators, financial analysts and department administrators will benefit from this presentation.

Participants will learn the framework of clinical research financial management across the life of a study. Key requirements will be explained including Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA), Protocol Billing Grids (PBGs), study visit registration and charge review, ePayment and participant reimbursement, invoicing, and available online tools and educational resources. The relevance of federal regulation, institutional policy, and study document consistency will be discussed.

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Last Updated: 11/17/23