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REd 730 | Foundations of Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) - Faculty & Staff

Even though scientific research itself is hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years old, the area of responsible conduct of research (RCR) is relatively new. The discussions around RCR emphasize the nuanced and multidisciplinary social and ethical issues that arise when conducting scientific research. This asynchronous (completely online) class will increase researchers’, scholars’, and research administrators’ awareness about the need for responsible conduct of research (RCR).  The class will highlight strategies to promote research integrity so that the unacceptable research practices as well as research misconduct are prevented.  The RCR class meets the requirements NIH- and NSF-funded research (adapted from the Milken School)

At the conclusion of this class, you should be able to:

  • Characterize elements of responsible conduct of research (RCR)
  • Describe areas of research misconduct
  • Differentiate activities that promote responsible conduct of research (RCR) in your discipline
  • Identify federal and university resources that deal with research misconduct

Allison Lord

Alison Lord, M.Ed.
REd Training & Development Coordinator

Audience: All Faculty & Staff

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Format: Asynchronous

Last Updated: 1/19/23