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Introduction to the IRB, the IACUC and the IBC

Participants will learn about the comprehensive policies and procedures regarding the IRB for the protection of human subjects in research, the IACUC for the protection of animal subjects in research, and the IBC for protection of laboratory personnel, building occupants, and the environment. Instructional presentations will be conducted regarding when and why researchers must apply for approval from each Committee, what constitutes an approved application, and what to expect during the application process. An overview of how to use the Electronic Research Integrity Compliance Administration (ERICA) program for IRB submissions will be described.

This class is offered both live and online:

  • To register for a live class, please click here.
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Ann Johnson, Ph.D.
Institutional Review Board


Steven Dickman
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee


Neil Bowles
Biosafety Officer
Environmental Health & Safety


Last Updated: 5/10/21