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RED 917

The National Science Foundation (NSF) - CAREER Program


Jesse Morris, PhD
Research Education




About 1.5 hours





This is a REd Asynchronous (online/self-paced) class.

This asynchronous class is meant to support you in preparing an NSF CAREER proposal. The main goal is to equip you with information that will make your project as competitive for funding as possible. Whether the upcoming CAREER deadline is your first or third CAREER submission, we want you to succeed. To that end, we have compiled the best of our knowledge and experience with the CAREER program into this class.

Please note that the RED 910 | National Science Foundation (NSF) Basics is a prerequisite for this CAREER class. In this class we will not be covering the basic structure, programs, and topics funded by NSF, and we assume that you already understand NSF's Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts review criteria. If you have not taken the Foundations course (an asynchronous Canvas course you can complete at any time), please take it now and return to this CAREER class when you have finished.

REd Asynchronous classes feature lessons and exercises designed to build competency and increase efficiency. Modules are accessible 24/7 and are all self-paced. All members of the University research community are invited to complete any online classes of interest.

Last Updated: 5/20/24