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RED 351 | Patent Searching and Public Information Resources

Learn how to effectively search three of the most comprehensive patent databases available worldwide, on your schedule, and for free!

The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) Web Patent Full/Text File, Google Patents and the European Patent Office ESP@CENET will be presented. Participants will understand how to more effectively search for United States and foreign patents; find foreign patent applications for United States inventions; stay current on trends in your research field and the work of your competitors; and begin to evaluate the marketing and licensing potential for new technologies. Participants will be able to reduce the amount of time and expense necessary to obtain copies of both domestic and foreign patents.

This class is only offered online. To register for the online class, please click here.



Alfred Mowdood, M.L.S.
J. Wilard Marriott Library


Tallie Casucci, M.L.S.
Assistant Librarian
J. Wilard Marriott Library
Last Updated: 8/5/22