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RED 456

Project Management: Implementing the Award Process


Kristie Thompson
Associate Director, Administration
Office of Sponsored Projects

Kristen Bayles
Sponsored Projects Officer
Office of Sponsored Projects

Sally Petersen
Manager, Grants & Contracts
Research Management and Compliance 

Robert Allen
Associate Director, Grants & Contracts Accounting
Grants & Contracts Accounting









This is a REd Asynchronous (online/self-paced) class.

The negotiation and award acceptance process begins once a sponsor elects to fund a proposal. This course details University procedures from the notice of award through final reporting and includes discussions on the different types of awards (grants, contracts, subcontracts), the project information sheet, cost sharing and matching, changes in awards, and the various management tools and resources available to University employees.

At the conclusion of this class, you should be able to:

  • Identify and summarize the University policies and procedures for implementing an award
  • Differentiate between the procedures for accepting grants, contracts, and subawards
  • Demonstrate how to use a Project Information Sheet
  • Find project management resources on the University’s website

REd Asynchronous classes feature lessons and exercises designed to build competency and increase efficiency. Modules are accessible 24/7 and are all self-paced. All members of the University research community are invited to complete any online classes of interest.

Last Updated: 2/8/24