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RED 714

Research and Mentoring Ethics


Shannon L. Barrios, PhD
Associate Professor

Rachel Hayes-Harb, PhD




2 hours





This is a REd Synchronous (live) class.

Consideration of ethics should permeate all aspects of research and creative practice. Ethics in the context of research mentoring involves a wide variety of considerations, including treatment of colleagues, authorship, data collection and analysis, record keeping, confidentiality, and protection of human and animal subjects. Developing knowledge about ethics in research and the academic community will assist mentees for the future, whether they become career researchers or seek another occupation. During the live class meeting, we will use case studies to explore issues in research and mentoring ethics.

Class Objectives: At the conclusion of this class, you should be able to:

  • Discuss and problem-solve ethical issues with mentees
  • Identify ethical considerations/implications of mentorship for diverse mentees

This class counts towards the Research Mentoring Certificate.

REd Synchronous classes are taught by subject matter experts and provide both fundamental and advanced skills training in flipped classroom format. To register for upcoming trainings,  click here to view our calendar.

Class Duration: Total duration for synchronous classes are approximately 2 hours. Those two (2) hours will be broken down into:

  • A live session which will take approximately 1 hour (45-minute presentation and 15-minute Q&A) and;
  • Pre and Post-work activities which will take approximately 1 hour, in total.


Last Updated: 11/17/23