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Research Mentoring
at the University of Utah

Our goal is to provide services for mentors and mentees, offering classes and resources to enhance effective research mentoring for faculty, staff, post-docs, and graduate students.

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Research Mentoring Certificate

The purpose of the Research Mentoring Certificate is to increase the capacity of the University of Utah to provide high-quality research mentoring. Participation in the program is available to University of Utah students, post-docs, staff, and faculty. The certificate involves six classes presented in Canvas course format, accompanied by five live meetings.

The live/synchronous meetings use case studies to demonstrate issues that may arise in mentor-mentee relationships and are intended to facilitate conversation and provide an opportunity for participants to work through problems collaboratively. Topics covered in the online classes and the case studies are organized around core mentor training competencies grounded in academic research (e.g. Pfund et al. 2013.) and modified based on participant feedback and facilitator expertise.

Earn your certificate in one of two ways:


The Cohort path of the Research Mentoring Certificate allows participants to earn the Certificate over the course of 6 weeks, with one self-paced asynchronous class and five in-person synchronous classes.

The Cohort enrollment period is currently closed.

Individual Classes

The Individual path of the Research Mentoring Certificate involves completion of six individual classes.

To earn the certificate, participants must complete pre- and post-certificate surveys, the asynchronous Introduction to Research Mentoring class, and attend all five 60-minute Zoom class meetings.

Enhancing Research Mentoring Grant Program

Enhancing Research Mentoring Grants support graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, staff and faculty at the University of Utah in undertaking projects aimed at fostering high-quality research mentoring within their discipline. Preference will be given to proposals with enduring and/or broad impacts on research mentoring, those involving collaboration with research mentees, and those promoting research experiences for mentees from all backgrounds.

Awardees will give brief presentations of their projects at the Enhancing Research Mentoring symposium.


  • Applicants must be affiliated with the University of Utah.
  • Applicants must have completed the Research Mentoring Certificate.
  • Collaborative proposals are encouraged, with the primary applicant meeting eligibility criteria.


In Fall 2024, up to four proposals will be awarded at up to $5000 each.

Proposals are due October 11, 2024.

 Apply here!

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Enhancing Research Mentoring Symposium

Join us for the Enhancing Research Mentoring Symposium at the University of Utah, where seasoned researchers, faculty mentors, and aspiring scholars converge to explore innovative strategies and best practices in mentorship.

Through dynamic discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, attendees will gain invaluable insights to foster effective mentor-mentee relationships and enhance the research journey.

This symposium offers a collaborative space to exchange ideas, build connections, and elevate research mentoring excellence.

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Research Mentoring Consultation


Schedule a personalized research mentoring consultation for individuals or groups at the University of Utah.


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